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  • 26 Sep
    Zhejiang University 2010 Undergraduate enrollment mobilization meeting
    In the afternoon of Jun 2nd, Zhejiang University 2010 Undergraduate enrollment mobilization meeting was held inInternationalConferenceCenterin Zijingang Campus. Leaders like director of students enrollment office of undergraduate division, vice president Lai Maode, Deputy Director of Undergraduate School Chen Jin and vice president of Undergraduate School Lu Guodong attended the meeting and delivered speech. Also present were heads of all departments and faculties in charge and teachers working in enrolment promotion office of Zhejiang Province. Vice president Chen Jin first delivered a speech about the austerity of enrolment by analyzing the advantage of Beijing, Shanghai and the rise of other agglomeration. He also pointed out that this year¡¯s enrolment promotion should foreground our university¡¯s teaching resource and scientific research capabilities by publicizing our advantageous aspects , general education mode, design major feature and ever-improving general education courses through the effort of all groups. In the end, president Chen Jin expressed his best wishes to the enrollment. To be followed was director Xia Biaoquan, who introduced our enrollment condition in 2009 and put forward specific plan and enrolment policy in 2010. He also analyzed this year¡¯s new enrolment situation from aspects, for example, enrolment based on general major and setting-up of science and technology and creative design experimental class etc and demanded enrolling workers make effort to promote enrolling work going smoothly in the human-based and strenuous spirit. Vice president Lu Guodong pointed out that all department should be given full play to their stimulation in the promotion and teachers praised and rewarded who took an active part in the enrolment. Also he noticed changes ofChu Kochenin teaching affairs management and major confirmation compared with previous years and suggested this enrolment campaign feature Qiushi Science Class. In the end, president Lai Maode showed his best wishes to this year¡¯s enrolment campaign and demanded to spare no effort to promote the campaign, heighten the comprehensive quality of the enrolment staff and all staff involved in enrolment protect the university¡¯s good social reputation and image in the guide of principles of fairness, justice and openness. He added that enrolling staff should work hard to attract top students in the national entrance examination but also the odd talents specialized in one field to provide suitable environment for development of students¡¯ personality. All enrolling group had got together to make preparation for their work after the meeting. Director Xia Biaoquan gave a detailed introduction of the specific implementation rules and the policies on autonomous and students specialized in sports and art enrolment and answered in detail questions posed by enrolment groups.
  • 26 Sep
    13 out of 92 as the first group of provincial exemplary lab centers for undergraduate education belong to Zhejiang University
    The construction of exemplary laboratories effectively promote the educational reform, especially laboratorial teaching
  • 26 Sep
    Heartless disaster, heartfelt man------- undergraduate division staff ¡®deep concern for the disaster-stricken Qinghai Province
    At 7:49 of April 14th, an earthquake at 7.1 scale on the Richter Calculations attackedYushuCountyin the Tibetan Autonomous Region of Qianghai Province, causing great loss of man and property. The earthquake affected the feelings of millions of thousands of Chinese and it also became a great concern to the staff ofUndergraduateSchool. ¡°a place in trouble will get help from many places¡±. Undergraduate division took an active part in the love donation with the leaders donating as good example and worker union group also taking action. From April 21st to 23rd , 101 teachers were devoted care and concern to the earth-stricken area and donated 11,390 RMB. All donation had been given to the university worker union at 10 of Apr 23rd and it would be relegated to the earth-stricken people by provincial department of civil affairs ¡°Everyone shows a little of his love, then the world will become a paradise.¡± The world becomes warmer because of love. A rose donated will remain its sweet in your hand. Devotion from everyone will trickle down to a river of love. The donation shows all staff in the undergraduate division are of kindness, sympathy and helpfulness to build a harmonious society, which will encourage everyone to cooperate and forge ahead to make more contribution to the undergraduate education and harmonious development.
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