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Undergraduate Education Conference””2018

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On Sep. 7th, the 2018 Undergraduate Education Conference of Zhejiang University was held in Zijingang Campus and the First Class Undergraduate Education Working Project of Zhejiang University (2018-2020) formally started. The Party Secretary of the CPC  Zhejiang University Committee Zou Xiaodong, the principal of Zhejiang University Wu Zhaohui, the vice principal of Zhejiang University Luo Jianhong all gave the theme speeches. The Vice Party Secretary of the CPC  Zhejiang University Committee Zheng Qiang presided at the conference.

On the conference, Zou Xiaodong declared the speech named ”°Forging first class undergraduate education in the world.”± He took 5 points, goal, importance, soul, quality and responsibility as key points to talk about his thoughts towards undergraduate education.

Wu Zhaohui pointed out that the undergraduate students of Zhejiang University have got apparent development in recent years. He mainly focused on three points. The first one is that we should grab the root and the trend of the new era undergraduate education. Then he said that it was important to make further efforts to encourage new ideas and promote the undergraduate education as a strategic part of the Double First-Class. At last he encouraged further reform and innovation for the Zhejiang University Project of the First-class Undergraduate Education.

Luo Jianhong analysed the challenge and the opportunity of the new era undergraduate education. He declared that first-class undergraduate education is a main mark of the world”Æs first-class university. To construct first-class undergraduate education is the historical responsibility that Zhejiang University should shoulder.

The principal of the undergraduate school of Zhejiang University made further explanations on the project.

The participants of the conference combined the report with the facts to make further discussions.

The vice principals of Zhejiang University, Zhang Hongjian, He Lianzhen attended the conference. In addition, the directors of main departments of Zhejiang University also attended the conference.