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A Lifetime Experience C the 2018 Global Immersion Programme

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On 20th July, a group of 29 pre-selected undergraduates set out for the 2018 Global Immersion Programme (GIP) at Cambridge University.


The GIP is an academic programme between Cambridge University and Zhejiang University that covers an array of cutting-edge topics. This programme encourages deep thinking and celebrates speculative spirit though active questioning.


All 8 courses of the 2018 GIP were delivered by heavyweight professors and senior lecturers from various disciplines at Cambridge University C Dr. Gill on the history and prospects of Cambridge high-tech industry; Dr. Scott on green energy and its development status in UK; Dr. Wilson-Lee on Shakespeare; Dr.Impullitti on Brexit, globalisation and international trade; Prof.Burnard on creativity; Dr. Daly on the operation of the English legal system; Prof.Daugman on artificial intelligence and Dr. Yin on Chinese business and the challenge of the digital age.


Outside the lecture room, the 29 students deeply study in St. Johns innovation centre and learned the operating philosophy and principles of the incubator.


In addition to the intense and brain-storming courses, the Programme Manager Miss Li Jinzhao from the Cambridge China Centre arranged a spectrum of cultural activities for everyone. Guided by several Cambridge students, the group travelled all over Cambridge landmarks. As a break, the students also went down to London for the Buckingham Palace's ceremony and the British Museum.


By the end of the programme, each small group presented their own venture project.


All 29 students learned a lot from the intense collision of ideas. As the Programme Director Dr. Eden Yin mentioned, contemporary youngsters should have a sense of crisis and a spirit of innovation, and take on the responsibility of building a better society.