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To Standardize Course Examination and Promote Teaching Reform: the Third Teaching Academic Lecture of the Center of TeachersӮ Development

Editor:v999       Date:2012-05-22      Hits:5861

On April 25th the Center of Teachers’ Development invites Lu Guodong, deputy president of undergraduate school in ZJU to give a lecture on How to Organize Course Examination in Room 107 in West Building 1 of Zijingang with over 60 teachers attending the lecture from subjects like science, engineering, agriculture and medicine.
   Prof. Lu first gives an introduction of the current situation of undergraduate course examination with regards to average scores of undergraduate course examination in the university and exam paper spot-test of academic term between 2010 and 2011. It is pointed out that some contents in the paper are too easy to enlighten students and display their strengths. And excessively high averages score f course exam must be paid attention to. Next he introduces the essentials of course exam and explains the basic requirements by introducing several classic cases in examining math, physics and biology.
Prof. Lu also underlines that the basic task of university classroom should guide students to think, analyze and learn actively.
Then he gives a specific elaboration over how course reform promotes teaching reform in two aspects of the thought and objective of course examination reform and stresses that not only should surface exam model be standardized but also point exam model should be deepened. He points out that course exam aims to shift from teaching-orientation to student-orientation, from classroom-dominance to extracurricular and intracurricular combination and from result evaluation-dominance to the combination of result and process.
In addition he introduces the approved contents of classroom teaching reform project of higher education in the ministry of education in Zhejiang Province, showing how to promote teaching reform and encourage all teachers to take an active part in teaching reform project in six aspects of facing the classroom, reforming the model, reducing teaching, strengthening extracurricular contents, focusing on the process and underlining the effects. In the meanwhile he describes how teaching management promotes teaching reform by his thought concerning students’ evaluation of teachers.
In the last question link teachers put forward their puzzle and questions and Prof. Lu gives detailed solutions, ending the lecture.