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Minds with Full Creativity Leads to Unlimited Innovation Capability: The Open Day of B.Eng. Program of Digital Media Technology

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On October 26-27, 2012, The Department ofDigital Media Technology in Zhejiang University was opened to the public on the first floor of the student center in Zijingang Campus. It is the third Open Day of this B.Eng.program of Digital Media Technology of Zhejiang University. This departmentis only eight-year old, and it has seen the graduations of 190 students. 98 of them continued to pursue postgraduate education in homeland well-known universities such asPeking University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University andZhejiang University and 34 in oversea famous universities including Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Southern California, Simon Fraser University, National University of Singapore and The University of New South Wales etc. 53 of them got employed in Tencent, Ubisoft, Taobaoetc., and 7 of them launched their own companies. In the 8 years’ roadmap of setting-up this B.Eng.program, the department adheres to exploring the best-fit approach of interdisciplinary education and comprehensive development of arts and technology for the creative media industry. The Open Day is designed to show to thefreshmen inside the university and the masses from the society the curriculums, work-pieces, ideas and spirits of the B.Eng.program of Digital Media Technology, enhancing the understanding of this young but fascinating program, demonstratingthe exuberance of its characteristics and the grace of its cultures.
The Open-day is well prepared.The staff and students from Digital Media Technology Department attended a grand opening ceremony in the student center. Attendees also included leaders of the department and instructors of the courses. Prof. Yue Chen, the vice-dean of theCollegeofComputer Scienceand Technology, Prof. Lieping Peng, the deputy secretary of Department Party, and Prof. Weidong Geng, head of the department all delivered short but brilliant speeches, approvingthis B.Eng.program,emphasizingon the development modeoffocusing on both technology and arts. The instructors also actively joined the activities on the Open Day, givingtheir best wishes to the students of this program.
There was a fascinating diversity of activities on the Open Day, which compromised the form of carnival that catered to popular taste. It enabled all the students to join the Digital Media Culture Party through immersing in games and interactive devices. Students from other majors took an active part in the activities and enjoyed themselves on the Open Day. Besides, the staff and students fromJiangnanUniversity, Xi'an University of Technology, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Zhejiang University of Technology and other universities also came to visit the Open Day ,and exchange their ideas and prospectivewith the staff in Zhejiang Universityon how to better develop the digital media technology program .

From the big screen in the entrance that playeda short video of the brief introduction of Digital Media Technology Program, the visitors began to feel the vigor of this major. Posters on the display wall guidedvisitors toward five areasof the exhibition---course introductions, interactive experience, graphic works showcase, animation demonstrationand amazing game experience. Not only students came to visit, but also kids withparents accompanied them. People immersed in the excitement of the games, marveled at the delicatedesign of interactive devices, delighted by the amazing animation shows, and attracted bythe elaborated graphic works. Participant that completed the activityin each region also had the opportunity to receive special souvenirs designed by students of digital media department. In the midst of laughter, people had more understanding and appreciation of both the achievements and the culture of Digital Media Technology Program.

Each piece of work is marvelous.

Here is a FPS game whose scene exactly imitates the real sceneofZhejiangUniversityand gives students a sense of familiarity (Produced by Jin Shihao, Li Hongjie, Liu Yilun, Cui Hong, Abulikemu)
In contrast with the former one, girls seem to like create game with more lovely buildings and easier operation. This game is small, quick to handle and quiteartistic (Produced by Wei Wei, Liu Bing, Zhang Shuzhe, and Zhu Yingzhen)

 Interactive devices like Kinect are popular these days, and the following interactive game successful attractsmany people no matter young or old. What you have to do is to lean your body and stop the drunk from falling down. (Produced by Jia Zeming, Liu Yizeng, Zhao Xin, Fang Li, Ke Shenyao)

       The next animation presents people with a humorous story that the spider man lost control and flew into a skyscraper. Excellent rendering and particles are its highlights (Produced by Ke Shenyao, Shentu JIhui)

       And here is another animation which uses the technique of motion capture. It shows a picture of a beautiful girl dancing. (Produced by Wang Zejia, Zhi Yiting, Yu Jingnan, Binuer, Shentu Jihui)

         The students only spend four years in this B.Eng. program, the time is limited,however they got a creative mind from this program. They finished a lot of excellent pieces of works with their full passion and inspiring ideas, and finally are equipped with unlimited innovation capability The Open Day caters to the people with curiosity to Digital Media Technology, along with people who have full interests; at the same time, it also offers a platform for people to share and communicate their prospective in Digital Media Technology. We believe that this Open-Day will contribute to a sophisticated understanding of Digital Media Technology from the society, and lead this young major to a bright future!