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Mental Health

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In order to guarantee the development of mental health of students, Mental Health Education and Consultation Center of Zhejiang University is founded, providing mental guidance and psychological counseling for students and faculty.
The office are located at Room 201 to 204, Student Activity Center, B Building.
Tel: 88206284
Optional courses of psychological health for university students and “Mental Health Month”, organized by the center, actively promote psychology education among the students.
The center also deals with psychological counseling and treatment. Service spots in Zijingang, Yuquan, Xixi and Huajiachi Campuses are also available. Addresses and contact numbers are in detail as follows:

Consultation Spot
Zijingang Campus
Medical Building, Room 412
Students Activity Center
Block B, Room 316,318
Yuquan Campus
Yongqian Activity Center
Block A, Room 303
Xixi Campus
Psychology Building, Room 106
Huajiachi Campus
Teaching Building, Room 512
Yuquan Hospital
Outpatient Building, Room 311
Xixi Hospital
Outpatient Building, Room 213
Huajiachi Hospital
Psychological Concerning Center
Zijingang Hospital
Room 210
Room 208

Students or teachers who are in need of consultation can directly go to the Mental Health Center or the consultation spot. Appointment by telephone (88206284) or e-mail ( is suggested.
(1) Psychological Counseling is based on the interactive relationship between the consultant and the psychiatrist. Through requiring about the mental confusion and confliction in life and work, the consultant works jointly with the psychiatrist, by the means of analyzing the problem, put forward the solutions to the troubles. The consultant can gradually overcome the mental crisis, correct cognitive deviation and better fit in the social environment. 
(2) Psychiatrists are eager to solve any troubles in your life of environment adaptation, self-management, study, social relationships, job hunting, characteristic development and emotion regulation.
(3) Normally, the time for consultation is around 50 minutes.
(4) Psychological Counseling is completely voluntary and the consultant has the right to start or halt the consultation. Previous appointment is suggested. For any reasons to cancelling or postpone the consultation, consultant should notify the psychiatrist to reschedule your appointment.
(5) For any emergency, contact the psychiatrist or the metal health center any time. Tel:88206284 Add: Room 216, Student Activity Center, Building B.
For any more information of the psychological counseling, please refer to the “Mental Health” column at or the “Today’s Campus” at


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