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Medical and Insurance

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(1)Campus Hospitals
Zhejiang University Hospital is a comprehensive upper second-class hospital aiming to serve the students. The hospital has its headquarters in Yuquan Campus and affiliated hospitals in Zijingang, Xixi and Huajiachi Campus. This hospital has accommodation for 130 patients. The hospital comprises 18 clinical medical departments, such as emergency department, general internal medicine, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, digestive system department, respiratory medicine department, neurology department, infectious disease unit, department of pediatrics etc.
(2)Hospitals out of Campus
The No. 1 affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University:79, Qinchun Road tel: 87236114 87236666
The No. 2 affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University: 88, Jiefang Road tel: 87783777 87783730
No. 1 Hospital of Hangzhou: 361, Huansha Road tel: 87065701
No. 2 Hospital of Hangzhou : 1, Wenzhou Road tel: 88014714

2Medical Insurance

Students in Zhejiang University enjoy basic medical insurance for urban residents in Hangzhou in that they get medical insurance for in-patient and stipulated out-patient service costs and they can go to Zhejiang University Hospital with their medical record for doctor counseling. They are encouraged to buy university students safety insurance( commercial insurance) as supplementary.

general out-patient service costs at public expense. Government-supported students enjoy medical treatment at public expense after the confirmation of physical health reexamination eligibility.

In-patient and stipulated out-patient service costs favored as the Hangzhou medical insurance for university students. Students buy the insurance can consult the doctor in university hospital and other stipulated medical institutions in Hangzhou.

During one year for accounting, proportion of self-payment to the total medical costs of in-patient and stipulated out-patient service, within medical care spending is as follows:

cost range

level of hospital

basic  standard

between the basic payment to 20,000 RMB

between 20,000 to

40,000 RMB

between 40,000 to 150,000 RMB

over 150,000 RMB


800 RMB






600 RMB





community and other hospital

300 RMB





university student safety insurance complement student medical insurance, composed of insurance for accidental death and injury and insurance for in-patient medical care. Students’ in-patient service costs can be paid by Hangzhou medical care insurance and self-payment part by university student safety insurance.

Specific policies about Zhejiang University student medical care insurance can be learned in Zhejiang University Hospital website(http// by logging in the campus network.


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