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Culture Stadium

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Arrangement of the stadium
Zhejiang University now has 2 stadiums with over 3000 seats, 5 multifunctional training buildings, 1 second-storey outdoor playground ,65 basketball courts, 30 volleyball fields, tennis courts, 3 400-metre standard rubber track fields, 2 track fields below standard and 4 standard swimming pools. To enrich leisure time of university staff and students and promote healthy lifestyle, main sports facility is open to full-time undergraduates, graduates and doctorates.
Any individual can enter the field by his effective certificate (staff or student card or campus card) free of charge during the semester.
Any group should reserve the field 5 weekdays in advance in the management center in campus in question by relevant certificates of members for arrangement.
Teachers are on duty for daily management and responsible for counseling sports skills and exercise methods. You can consult the teacher on duty if necessary.
ground floor of the outdoor playground under the rostrum of the track field
field management center in Yuquan Campus
ground floor of Shao Yifu Sports Building
field management center in Huajiachi Campus
ground floor of Yifu Sports Building
field management center in Zhijiang Campus
ground floor in gymnasium
public field management center
Room 512 West Building 1 in Zijingang Campus
public field management center for group
second floor rostrum of track field in Zijingang Campus
Students Recreation Stadium
Yongqian students recreation center
Yuquan Campus
multifunctional hall of art center on the first floor 
Xixi Campus
multifunctional hall of students recreation center on the second floor
Huajiachi Campus
theatre in Zijingang Campus
Zijingang Campus
stage in Culture Square
Zijingang Campus
Slope Square in Zijingang Campus
south of Students Recreation Center B
The TV Station
Room 601-605,607,609-1 Students Recreation Center A
drawing teacher
Room 508,509 Students Recreation Center A
ceramics classroom
Room 302 Students Recreation Center A
piano room
room 401-427 Students Recreation Center B
Exhibition room
name of the exhibits
department in charge
open time
history of Zhejiang University
second floor of the Crescent Building in Zijingang Campus
Archives Department
Any time from Monday to Friday, interpreter and visit in vacation can be reserved. 
undergraduate education and creation
ground floor of the Crescent Building in Zijingang Campus(number 2)
Undergraduate division
open for reserve group visit
science and technology and design invention
second floor of the Crescent Building in Zijingang Campus
institute of international science and technology and innovation design
Under construction
open for reserve group visit
Science and technology innovation
ground floor of the Crescent Building in Zijingang Campus(number 1)
social science faculty of science institute
open for reserve group visit
Room 4-8 Art Building C
Archives Department
any time from Monday to Thursday
8:30-11:45 a.m. and
13:00-16:45 p.m. in Friday
Chu Kochen Memorial Hall
ground floor hall of International Education Building in Yuquan Campus
Archives Department
open for reserve group visit
Art museum
West Block of Zijingang Campus
Art Museum
Under construction
plan to open in 2013


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