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Network and Information Service

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1ӢInternet service
(1)logging-in guide
¢Łaccess to the campus net
As a pilot project of university socialization , student dormitory in Zijingang Campus LAN(local area network) is needed to dial-up networking through telecom 201 plus card. The on-campus resource is accessed by dialing the card number with a suffix @zheda. Number for repair: 88981111.
Student dormitory in Yuquan, Xixi, Huajiachi and Zhijiang Campus is networking through binding the IP-MAC address. Please log in the unified authentication system for on-line self-service binding or go to service point to binding the IP by IC( identity card) when opening the on-campus network.
¢Śsurf the internet
After Networking the on-campus net, please download the VPN client-side if you need to visit the internet resource. Specific procedures are listed in the instruction of “access to VPN” in Zhejiang University information service website, its address
¢ŪZhejiang University boasts over 30 wireless service-covered places, the on-campus link name of wireless network ZJUWLAN and accessed by inputting the on-campus user name and password.
¢Üapply for an on-campus account
Visit the homepage,click the “network account application” and register an account according to the procedure. Then go to the information service center window to open your account with IC( or passport, military ID) by paying in advance( at least 110 yuan with 10 yuan registration fee.)
¢Żservice time and place available

Room 609 in library
From Monday to Friday
Room 205 in Information Building B
From Monday to Friday in the morning
Room 315 in West Building 6
Tuesday and Thursday mornings
West of second floor in  Nanometer Technology Institute
Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings
ground floor of Zeng Xianzi Buiding
Wednesday afternoon

During the winter and summer vacation, procedures concerned with account are dealt with
in Yuquan Campus in the mornings of Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Information Service Center number: 87951669—1 service e-mail:
¢Žbasic network service
The service can scan vulnerability, distribute patches automatically, defend against the invasion of virus and prevent the virus operation, activation, evaluation and restoration. Instructions of installing are as follows: log in, access to the information service center website, click “network safety” and open the “network safety and virus prevention system service”
When applying for a campus account in the information center you will get an e-mail address( user name) @ which can send and receive letters home and abroad. For example, if your application name is zhangyao, then your email address is
information service listed below:

Service website
window of Zhejiang University
University homepage
Administration homepage
News in Zhejiang University homepage
Truth seeking wave homepage
books and information center
public platform
Unified authentication system>"Zhejiang University pass certificate"
Data center
Electronic university calendar
Information service homepage
University affairs management
internet evaluation center
coordinated office system
faculty page of coordinated office system
meeting room management
text message service system
Investigated data reporting
student management
freshman service homepage
freshman reception system
all-around service for students
student data service system
Electronic university-leaving system
teaching management
Undergraduate division
modern teaching management system
undergraduate teaching curriculum center
textbook management information system
teaching and research resource
education, teaching and research homepage
top speed resource homepage
luck homepage
classic courses
clinical skill training system of Faculty of medicine, ZJU
teaching resource management system
heavy equipment management system
new-edited college English network PPT
equipment management system

Service website
Campus culture
multimedia center
personal homepage
internet memory
CC98 Forum
culture and tradition homepage
between the sea and cloud
photograph forum, ZJU
university students quality development authentication system
life service
campus card system
food and drink center homepage
electronic service, ZJU
student dormitory homepage
student dormitory self-service area
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