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We are in the Worlds Leading Universities edited by vice president Tang Xiaowu is formally published

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We are in the World’s Leading Universities edited by Tang Xiaowu, deputy dean of Chu kochen College of Zhejiang University, deputy director of the Institute of Geotechnical Engineering and PhD supervisor is formally published by Zhejiang University Press recently. The book gives an introduction of the experience of 12 outstanding students of Zhejiang University who study, live and do research in universities like Cornell University, Duke University, Illinois State University, University of California, The University of Arizona in America, Tokyo University, Kyushu University in Japan, University of Birmingham in the U.K., The National University of Singapore, Zhejiang University, Tsinghua University, The University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, including one female Japanese graduate who studied in Zhejiang University from Kyoto University.
By virtue of the studying and living experience of excellent students in Zhejiang University, it gives the reader a vivid picture of the teaching environment and philosophy in the world’s top universities. What’s more important, the students’ successful stories described in the book where they work hard in universities in China and succeed in obtaining full scholarship in prestigious universities in the world and being employed by top companies in the world will be conducive to your or your children’s success. In the book there are also comments made by students’ teachers which serve as the key to their success.
The book is teeming with struggling experience, touching stories and students with vivacious personality. Every student’s story will enable you to have a different feeling and enlightenment. It is “a bible for students in the ivory tower”, “an autobiography of campus life” and “a collection of youth recordings”.